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We launched in March 2009 just as federal agencies began to implement the "broadband stimulus" provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). By the hectic months of that summer, we built a reputation as the go-to site for information on the policies, progress, and politics of that $7.2 billion federal program.

Since early 2013, the site has been maintained as an archives of the often daily reporting on the program. 

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Edited by Peter Pratt, hosted analysts, commentators, practitioners, and reporters with deep experience in the larger information technology (IT) sector, in rural telecom, federal grantsmanship, and regulatory policy. Mr. Pratt is a 30 year veteran of the telecom industry, with most of that time spent focused on the government relations and regulatory strategy side of the sector.

Where is published from Boston and San Francisco, two great hubs of the U.S. tech sector.  All postings are in Eastern Time, U.S.  

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Tel.:    + 415-423-0110 is an electronic publishing property of Commnexis, Incan advisory firm covering the telecom sector, and specialized in federal and state funding programs for the support of broadband networks.

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