Friday, April 15, 2011

Luisa Handem of Rural America Radio Interviews Peter Pratt on Rural Broadband Funding 04/15/2011 San Francisco - Luisa Handem of Rural America Radio, and Managing Director of the Rural Mobile & Broadband Alliance (RuMBA), caught up with us for 30 minutes today. 

We talked about what the situation now looks like for the rural broadband and telecom loan programs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Given final passage of the last continuing resolution (CR) yesterday, we give our still very rough estimates based on what we are hearing. USDA staff continues to crunch numbers. 

Frankly, any data released prior to information coming out of USDA is speculative, given several factors in play. With Congress having acted, these factors now are being worked at the agency level. will update our reporting when we can confirm and source definitive information. For now, we give our best verbal snapshot on Luisa's program. Underline verbal. Underline snapshot.

Our thanks to Luisa and her organization for taking the time to review what we see at this point.

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