Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Infinera Gets Third Broadband Stimulus Win with North Georgia Network

Correction: The number of stimulus-funded sales wins by Infinera is incorrectly undercounted in this story. See our correction and update here, published at 8:45 AM (ET), on Thursday, March 24. We regret the error. 03/22/2011 San Francisco - Optical transmission equipment maker Infinera Corporation (NASDAQ: INFN) today announced that it has been selected by the North Georgia Network (NGN) to provide its Digital Optical Network gear to power the rural middle mile 230-mile optical fiber ring.

The statement marks the company's third announced contract win for a project funded by the Obama Administration's $7.2 billion broadband stimulus program.

For broadband stimulus mavens, the North Georgia Network of the Georgia Network Cooperative will always be significant. Vice President Joe Biden announced the $33 million grant for NGN as the much anticipated very first award issued under the entire national federal telecom funding initiative. Five hundred plus awards have rolled out following Biden’s on the ground announcement in Dawsonville, Georgia on December 17, 2009.

The network’s fiber will not only tie together economic developmental and education sites across eight counties of the Peach Tree State, it will also link those community anchor institutions to Tier I and Tier II Internet Service Provider (ISP) points of presence in Atlanta and North Carolina.

As previewed in The Dahlonega Nugget, the local paper of record covering the network’s Lumpkin County area, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R-GA) highlighted the benefits of NGN last week. He keynoted an economic development summit at North Georgia College & State University which described the economic benefits of the federally subsidized NGN.

Vice President Joseph R. Biden talks with workers at Impulse Manufacturing
in Dawsonville, GA, following his announcement of the first group of broadband
stimulus awards on December 17, 2009. (White House Photo, David Lienemann)

The Nugget was our reporting partner as we together broke the news nationally of Biden’s then pending visit in late 2009.

At the summit last week, Bruce Abraham, the network’s CEO announced a ground breaking for the project which took place yesterday.

“We are excited to bring an unprecedented level of broadband services to North Georgia, and
we have selected the best vendors,” said Abraham.

“With an Infinera network, NGN will be sabble to deliver world-class high-speed Internet services that will be the equal of those avialable anywehre in the world", conbcluded the CEO of the Sunnyvale, CA company.

Third Broadband Stimulus Win for Infinera
Today’s announcement by Infinera marks the company’s third disclosed contract win in a broadband stimulus funded project. Last July the gear maker issued a statement with Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative (MBI) announcing Infinera’s selection to light the new fiber routes constructed with the network’s $16 million stimulus grant from the BTOP Program of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). 

In December 2010 Infinera announced its contract win with the South Dakota Network (SDN). SDN, the statewide open access network of the independent telephone operating companies of South Dakota, received a $20.6 million BTOP grant. In August of 2010 SDN became one of the first broadband stimulus projects to begin construction.   

Terabit Plus Speeds Powered by PICs
“NGN chose an Infinera Digital Optical Network because Infinera’s speed, scalability, and ease of operation support for the middle-mile open access buisness model.

With the Infinera DTN network, NGN can deliver a wide range of services quickly, react quickly to customer demands, and offer more than a Terabit/second of capacity, while keeping operating costs low", according to the company's release of today.

“We are pleased to support the NGN network and help the people of North Georgia participate fully in today's Internet economy," said Infinera CEO Tom Fallon. "The Infinera Digital Optical Network's architecture supports broadband stimulus networks with a solution that is simple, fast, and flexible."

This network will deliver affordable gigabit broadband speeds to an eight-county area of more
than 334,000 people, laying the foundation for a new, technology-based economy in the North Georgia region outside of metro Atlanta.

NGN’s open access network model will enable service providers to interconnect and build their own fiber nets out to end users.

According to the company, the Infinera DTN is the first, and still the only, optical networking system powered by photonic integrated circuits. The Infinera DTN combines high-capacity DWDM transport, integrated digital bandwidth management, and GMPLS-powered service intelligence in a single platform.
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