Thursday, February 10, 2011

Livestream: President Obama's Wireless Announcement from Marquette, MI 02/10/2011 San Francisco - View our relay of the live streaming feed of President Obama's major wireless initiative announcement of today.
President Obama views distance learning application at NMU (Photo: AP)

The President is delivering the speech from the campus of Northern Michigan University (NMU) in Marquette, Michigan.

We are conducting extensive interviews with the great team on the ground at NMU that built, and now operate, the WiMAX network that the President is highlighting. Our detailed reporting will follow today's speech.

Our congratulations to NMU's President Les Wong and the University's CTO Dave Maki for hosting such an important event with the President.

Our industry owes them a debt of gratitude. They remind us what this stuff is all about: Driving innovation to make our country both more competitive and better educated. In an area of our nation decimated by the recession, they have helped put America back to work.

Update: The President's speech in Marquette runs at just under 29 minutes. We embed below the video as archived by the White House Press Office:
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