Monday, December 20, 2010

Alert: FCC Will Not Release Final Net Neutrality Order on 12/21 12/20/2010 San Francisco - Senior officials of the Federal Communications Commission just stated on a media conference call that the Commission will not be releasing its long anticipated final Order on network neutrality issues tomorrow, December 21, as expected.

Senior FCC officials stated that given the "robust" work among staff of the office of Chairman Julius Genachowski and Commissioners Clyburn and Copps, release of the final order will still await several important "tweaks" over the next several days. No specific date was disclosed for release of the Order, other than the time period of the next "several days."

The two senior Commission officials on the call fully anticipated that the three Democratic members of the Commission -- Genachowski, Clyburn, and Copps -- would vote in favor of the Order.
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