Thursday, November 4, 2010

K Street's Best Guides to Capitol Hill's Changing Policies & Players 11/04/2010 San Francisco - If K Street lobbyist firms were in the food business, they would give away free snacks at the supermarket.

Since of course they are in the business of representing clients' interests in front of legislators, they instead give away tasty morsels of Capitol Hill analysis and updates. They track the changing players in Congress having influence over client interests.

A congressional sea change of the type the nation is now experiencing, as a result of Tuesday's not unexpected midterm blowout, is a boon for both K Street's leading lobbying firms, and for the smaller shops that specialize in particular policy areas with changing agendas. American business hates uncertainty almost as much as it hates governmen- tal action it sees as counter to its interests.

Currently, our two favorite guides to the new players, projected new assignments, and evolving new policy initiatives of the incoming 112th Congress are from lobbying powerhouse Patton Boggs LLP, and the globally integrated K&L Gates LLPThey are both free, timely, an invaluable.

Read the Patton Boggs work for detailed analysis of the leading public policy issues on the Hill now in transition. Check back in with the K&L document for updates as committee assignments for both the incoming Republican new majority in the House, and the remaining Democrats shifting to the minority, are seen.

For us policy and political types, a big shift on Capitol Hill is like the Superbowl and World Series all rolled into one. Thanks to two of K Street's standout firms, we can enjoy the game munching on these free snacks. Download the documents from the firms' sites:

K&L Gates LLP, November 2010 -
Election Guide 2010: A Guide to Changes in Congress

Patton Boggs LLP, November 3, 2010 -
President Barack Obama and the Closely Divided 112th Congress: An Angry Electorate Has Spoken, Now What?
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