Thursday, September 30, 2010

Willard Telephone in Colorado Gets $800k in Broadband Stimulus Funds for FTTH Net 09/30/2010 San Francisco - Secretary Tom Vilsack of the U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced the funding of a new Recovery Act broadband infrastructure project in rural Willard, Colorado.  The award, for $791,947, will be matched locally by $245,510 in private funding.

The federal funds will issue to The Willard Telephone Company in order to upgrade its facilities to offer Fiber to the Home (FTTH) in the Willard Community, a very rural community in northeastern Colorado which the USDA calls "non-designated".

According to a press release of this morning from Vilsack's office "The network stands to benefit approximately 1,900 people, eight businesses, a fire department, and two military facilities, all of which lack high-speed Internet access. The project will cover 132 square miles with 93 miles of fiber-optic cable. This area of farm and ranch land has an average density of 0.7 premises per square mile. In addition to the 11 jobs the company estimates this project will create, it will provide a foundation for economic growth and job creation for decades to come."
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