Thursday, August 12, 2010

(Broadband) Peasants Plan Siege of (Silicon) Valley (Do No) Evil (Googleplex) Palace

Google's Alienation of Broadband Political Allies Echoes that of Obama Administration 08/12/2010 San Francisco - Oh the irony.

A collection of progressive, consumer, and tech policy groups typically aligned with the public stances of Google Inc. (GOOG) is planning an on-site protest of Google's  recently announced network neutrality initiative at the online firm's headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

With activists now mobilizing here in San Francisco and south through Silicon Valley, the groups including FreePress,, and others are planning to converge on the Googleplex at noontime tommorrow, August 13. 

Josh Levy, online campaign director at Free Press updated with the following links used in organizing the protest:

When: Tomorrow at noon (Friday, Aug. 13).
Where: Meet at the corner of Amphitheatre Parkway and Charleston Road in Mountain View, California.
Our Take: Google and Obama Administration Trash Activist Base 
Strategically the Google - Verizon net neutrality gambit is a policy and political blunder of the vaunted Google public policy shop managed by Richard Whitt.  The extent of Google's alienation of its key online activist constituency is exceeded only by that of the Obama Administration's recent trashing of the same base of progressive and tech groups.  It has been stunning to see FCC Chairman Julius Genochowski, in his secret meetings with net neutrality corporate "stakeholders," and press secretary Robert Gibbs with his twice told dumping on the "professional left," do such damage to the President's political base just two months before the critical 2010 election.  Somehow us Boston Democratic political types missed the apparent touchstone of our Chicago-based brethren: Bad mouth and punish your allies.

Tactically the FreePress - coalition has already put huge organizing points on the board by sending over 300,000 online signatures to Google on the issue in a matter of days.  If tomorrow's protest in Mountain View mobilizes a large number of bodies, it will mark one of the first times in which the flash mob / political subculture of the Bay Area successfully moves activists south into Silicon Valley for street level action effectively used by labor and other groups in San Francisco itself.    
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