Friday, May 7, 2010

USDA - RUS Releases Satellite Broadband RFP 05/07/2010 San Francisco - The Rural Utilities Service (RUS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture has released its Request for Proposals (RFP) for $100 million in subsidies for broadband satellite services.  Published with today's date in the Federal Register, the document gives a 30 day response cycle for satellite service providers filing for funding from the $100 million special allocation.

Entitled Request for Proposals for Satellite, Rural Library Broadband and Technical Assistance, the RFP was first mentioned in the RUS rules, published on January 22, 2010, for funding Round 2 of the broadband stimulus program.  Satellite service providers have until June 7, 2010 to file their funding applications.  The RFP spells out specific details for applicants to follow, as RUS seeks to fill-in the lowest density and fully unserved areas of the rural America with satellite delivered broadband services.

According to one telecom consultant familiar with the broadband stimulus program, and who has studied the RFP already, one of the key requirements of applicants to fulfill by the June 7 deadline will be the identification of those unserved areas not otherwise in receipt of federal funds.

"I think one of the more complex analysis required for this application will be ensuring compliance with the requirement of only serving ‘unserved’ households, and avoiding all Round 1 and Round 2 RUS award winners, regardless of their build status," said Eric Fogle, President of Broadband Consulting Group of Ashland, Missouri.  "All of these factors must be accounted for by the applicant, as they seek to both determine the size of the opportunity, and forecast the number of expected subscribers in the financial analysis."

We have republished the federal document via StimulatingBroadband on Scribd:

RUS BIP Satellite RFP of 05-07-2010 Fed Reg
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