Friday, March 19, 2010

NTIA Announces Broadband Stimulus Awards of $29 Million for California and New York

Total of 116 Broadband Stimulus Projects Now Funded 03/19/2010 San Francisco - Gary Locke, President Obama's Secretary of Commerce, announced late today, Washington time, two broadband stimulus grants totaling just above $29 million, in California and New York.

Update at 7:50 PM: (This story was posted today momentarily after we received it from NTIA. We have contacted the principals involved to confirm the recipient organizations and specific grant and matching fund monies involved. Details of the awards in today's release from Commerce were lacking.  NTIA tells us that no further awards will be made by  the agency "this week." We will publish a separate story as we work on details.

We can confirm that as of the public release of these 2 awards, the federal broadband stimulus program has now announced funding for 116 separate projects.)

The Commerce Department, in a press release issued today, states the awards will "help bridge the technological divide, improve education, and increase economic opportunities for low-income families in New York, New York and Los Angeles, California. The grants, totaling more than $29 million, will fund computer training and provide more than 30,000 computers to middle school students and their families in high-need schools, enabling them to make use of key educational, employment, and health resources online."

In New York, the NYC Connected Learning project plans to provide computer training, desktop computers, educational software, and free broadband access for one year to more than 18,000 low-income sixth graders and their families in 100 high-need public middle schools in New York City. The not-for-profit organization Computers for Youth will conduct computer training for parents and students in English, Spanish, and other languages to enhance digital literacy and increase the relevance of broadband to people’s everyday lives. As a result of this project, more than 12,000 households are expected to subscribe to broadband beyond the free year-long subscription period.
This is Award # 115 in The Broadband Stimulus Pipeline

In California, Computers for Youth will partner with the Los Angeles Unified School District to increase broadband technology awareness, help students succeed academically, and increase family involvement in their children’s education through computer and Internet tools. The project will provide 15,000 sixth-grade students and their families with computer training, after which they will receive a refurbished computer with educational software. Nearly 8,000 households are anticipated to become new broadband subscribers as a result of this project.
This is Award # 116 in The Broadband Stimulus Pipeline

“These critical investments will expand computer and Internet services to students and families in need to help them succeed in school and make them full participants in today’s 21st century information economy,” Locke said in today's release.

“Having access to the Internet’s economic, health and educational benefits should be as much of a fundamental American right as attending a quality school or feeling safe when you walk down the street," concluded the Secretary of Commerce.
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