Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Call to Action: Tell Congress to Fix the Broadband Stimulus

How to Lobby Your Congressperson & Senators to Fix the Program 02/25/2010 San Francisco - The professionals in government and industry that know the broadband stimulus program best agree on one central idea: The program is broken.

Yesterday the NTIA rejected the pleas of states, cities, investors, and service providers across the nation and denied requests to move the untenable Round II filing deadline of March 15. Only Congress, providing the oversight of the program that it should, can now fix the problem.

What to Do Now: Get The System to Work for You

Don't have a powerful K Street lobbying firm on retainer? Follow these steps, and you'll be lobbying like a pro:

1. Download the document package with the 2 letters you need to lobby with (click to .PDF, and below): The draft Dear Colleague Letter, and draft Joint Letter to the Secretaries of Agriculture and Commerce

2. If you don't know who your Congressperson is, do a look up here:

3. If you don't know who your 2 Senators are, do a look up here:

4. Call both the local and Washington offices of your Congressperson and your 2 Senators. Tell staff there why the lack of data transparency and the tight deadline of March 15 puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

Get the direct email addresses of staffers, and send the documents to them immediately. Direct email is important to use, rather than automated web form mail screening platforms most representatives use.

5. Ask staff to tell your Congressperson and 2 Senators you want them to start circulating the Dear Colleague and Secretaries letters you send to them. Have them work with their colleagues on your behalf.

Find and talk with staff people that will advocate for your position, and tell them you will need to keep in touch to get updates. Tell them the deadline of March 15 needs to be moved to April 30, as NATOA and a host of public interest groups petitioned for, to no avail. Tell them we have been
patient waiting for the agencies to act, and now Congress needs to work for us.

6. Circulate this link to this story: Call to Action on Broadband Stimulus to
your colleagues, employees, and association members. Organize your own group.

6. Please email us and let us know what action you have taken: By letting us know who you are speaking with, we can put you in touch with others working with your Senators and Members of Congress.

Working together we can do this.

- Peter J. Pratt; Editor & Publisher,

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