Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alabama Broadband Stimulus: Gov. Riley Recommends 41 Projects to NTIA 10/17/09 San Francisco - Alabama Governor Bob Riley (R-AL), in documents filed (see: Resources, below) with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) on October 14, chose 41 projects from his state for funding recommendations under Round I of the federal broadband stimulus program.

Riley endorsed and passed onto NTIA the findings of the Alabama Broadband Initiative Review Committee, the members of which he appointed, in making the favorable recommendations for the 41 projects from among the total of 130 projects filed by applicants throughout the state. The Committee, part of the Alabama Broadband Initiative (ALBI) launched in January by the Governor, followed general guidelines that took into consideration "...the project’s purpose, benefits, viability, budget and sustainability."

The Committee also ranked projects based on their ability to "best address infrastructure gaps in the state's unserved areas, will enhance and/or expand service offerings in underserved areas, will expand the use of broadband technology to better serve our citizenry and will provide public access to computers in underserved communities."

ALBI, headed by Director Kathy Johnson is a two year program targeting the rural counties of the state, that form the majority of county jurisdictions, for ubiquitous broadband deployment.

Resources:'s State - NTIA Filings
1. The Alabama filing (5 pages) and cover letter (1 page) issued to NTIA may be read and downloaded here (free registration), via our corporate site.

2. Read all of our state filing stories here: Round I Recommendations to NTIA.
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