Thursday, September 17, 2009

Computers for Rural America: Edgenics to Offer Low-Cost Broadband Service to New Markets

Marketwire via 09/17/09 WASHINGTON, DC- Speaking today to Members of Congress attending a Mississippi Delta Grassroots Caucus Conference at Dirksen Senate Office Building, Robert Dansby, CEO of Edgenics, announced their "Computers for Rural America" Program.

Edgenics, a provider of broadband infrastructure and Value Added Services such as e-learning and telemedicine offerings, announced its plan to bring comprehensive low-cost broadband services to rural communities. Under its plan, Edgenics will provide subscribers in rural areas with a complete solution that includes Internet connectivity, a NetBook computer and related services at industry leading pricing.

Having already deployed the first phase of a national broadband network that will power innovative, video-centric services, interactive distance-learning and other Web 2.0 applications, Edgenics has built a reliable virtual broadband core network and co-located data-center facilities with funding originally approved by USDA RUS in 2002. To support its Computers for Rural America program, Edgenics will provide broadband connectivity services as well as cost-leading digital access devices that will provide the tools necessary for customers to access broadband "pipes."

Robert Dansby, Ph.D., CEO of Edgenics, commented, "Our emerging deployment of broadband in rural markets will create an amazing array of education, job training and business development opportunities. In order for new rural broadband subscribers to fully benefit from these broadband 'pipes,' they will need both the connectivity AND low cost computers with which to connect to the Internet. By deploying a quality broadband infrastructure, we are positioned to offer services directly to rural consumers that they have not had the opportunity to realize before. For example, envision a person requiring specialized physician care who lives miles away from the nearest physician, clinic or hospital. With the assistance of a local nurse or physician's assistant, we can deliver critical healthcare support to rural patients using our broadband network and specialized digital diagnostic devices.

"Industry studies show that school participation increases dramatically when students have the tools needed for self-discovery of their own learning styles. Edgenics is a proven implementer of innovative educational programs such as its Advanced Learning Skills Program, which has been provided to students at the DuBois Scholars Institute at Princeton University and the Promise Academy. Our missions are complementary with those of schools and other community anchor institutions that are working to improve educational outcomes. Together, we will make a significant impact on the well-being of broadband users in Rural America."

Broadband for rural areas is highlighted in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) signed by President Obama earlier this year. The Recovery Act provided a total of $7.2 billion to the Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service (RUS) to accelerate broadband deployment in areas of the country that have been without this high-speed infrastructure.

Dansby says that, "Broadband initiatives that are focused on deploying broadband infrastructure and services in rural markets are an important step forward. Our 'Computers for Rural America' Program will provide rural residents and students with much needed digital access devices and other resources."

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