Sunday, September 6, 2009

Broadband Stimulus Round I Applicants: 360networks Files Middle Mile Application

360networks via 09/06/09, Seattle, WA - 360networks (USA) inc. announced on August 26 that it filed an application for federal stimulus funding to expand broadband access to rural and underserved markets.

360networks is one of the country’s leading fiber based telecom providers, operating a 17,200 mile fiber network in the western United States.

360 has presented an opportunity that would open access to numerous underserved populations by creating rural points of presence (or “POPs”), at amplifier and regeneration sites along the Company’s fiber optic backbone. Many of these sites are centered in underserved markets where economic returns have not enabled access to date.

360network’s proposed “middle-mile” project will access seventeen rural markets and a surrounding ten-mile radius along its existing 1,011 mile fiber optic route extending from Chicago, Illinois to New Orleans, Louisiana.

This route is diverse to most national fiber backbones thus creating a cost effective alternative for broadband providers from most existing backhaul solutions. 360networks has been working with last-mile service providers over the past six months to deliver a package that not only offers connectivity to the nation’s fiber backbone but turnkey product solutions for last-mile providers including local cable companies, local exchange companies, and wireless providers.

The connectivity and products offered by 360networks will allow last-mile providers to better support broadband requirements of the consumers, businesses and government agencies in these underserved markets.

360network’s middle-mile infrastructure project will either directly or indirectly promote all purposes of the federal broadband stimulus programs by providing access to rural and underserved businesses and residential consumers, improving access to community anchor institutions and broadband for public safety agencies, and stimulating broadband, economic growth and job creation. Further, because this project is leveraging broadband infrastructure already constructed by 360networks, it is a cost effective approach to bring access, and diversity of access, to these underserved areas.

This proposal for middle-mile access will have broad significance for increasing affordable broadband access and may be easily replicated in future projects. 360networks continues to work with last-mile partners and state and local agencies to meet the goals and requirements of these federal programs. Other areas where the Company has unique and diverse fiber routes and has been approached by last-mile providers include Washington, Idaho and Montana.

About 360networks
360networks is a leading provider of wholesale VoIP and fiber-optic network communications services in the western United States. Its integrated network architecture spans over 17,200 miles, offering a long haul and metro presence in 54 markets.

The company offers a comprehensive range of infrastructure services to carriers, ISPs, and cable companies, as well as small, medium and large businesses. These services include IP, Private Line, Collocation Services, Local Access and VoIP. The wholly owned network was built to support fast, reliable and efficient transport of voice and data services.

360networks’ SONET Ring is a fully meshed architecture designed to provide complete redundancy and enable the company to reliably provide a high level of service to its customers. All services are provided through VoIP360, Inc. and 360networks (USA) inc., both wholly owned subsidiaries of 360networks Corporation. 360networks is privately held with headquarters in Seattle, WA.
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