Friday, September 11, 2009

Broadband Silo Busters: Alvarion® and National Grid Conduct U.S. Smart Power Grid Proof of Concept

Alvarion’s BreezeMAX® 3650 to Backhaul Smart Meter Concentration Points and Smart Grid Distribution Automation Devices

Business Wire via 09/10/09 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- Alvarion Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALVR), the world’s leading provider of WiMAX™ and wireless broadband solutions, today announced it will work with National Grid (NYSE: NGG) the second-largest utility company in the U.S., to participate in a smart power grid (SPG) Proof of Concept with its BreezeMAX 3650 solution, as part of a technology test-bed for potential pilot projects in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The proof of concept will begin in September 2009, and will provide backhaul for SPG smart meters and distribution automation devices for residences and businesses using WiMAX technology.

SPGs incorporate advanced two-way communications and distributed computing capabilities for improved control, efficiency, reliability and safety. Through this smart grid pilot, National Grid and Alvarion could give selected customers across the Northeast an opportunity to experience the benefits of this application through reduced energy consumption, reduced carbon emission and ultimately, a lower utility bill. Alvarion will help enable National Grid achieve a clean and efficient energy network of the future, for the region.

Alvarion provides comprehensive broadband wireless connectivity solutions for SPGs, allowing connectivity for Distribution Automated (DA) devices and backhaul for smart meter collectors.

“WiMAX is becoming a vital part of next-generation SPG connectivity, as it provides a range of benefits aligned with power utilities’ business objectives and technical requirements,” said Greg Daily, president of Alvarion, Inc. “Our BreezeMAX solution enables advanced wireless broadband capabilities to meet specific utility requirements and delivers improved customer benefits.”

Alvarion’s BreezeMAX 3650 platform is highly reliable, secured and supports advanced 802.16e antenna technologies including MIMO, fourth order diversity, and MRRC to maximize capacity and coverage in non-line-of-site (NLOS) conditions. BreezeMAX 3650 has flexible deployment alternatives for SPG connectivity meeting the deployment needs for lowering capital and operating costs while providing the required performance.

About Alvarion
Alvarion (NASDAQ: ALVR) is the largest WiMAX pure-player with the most extensive WiMAX customer base and over 250 commercial deployments around the globe. Committed to growing the WiMAX market, the company offers solutions for a wide range of frequency bands supporting a variety of business cases.

Through its OPEN WiMAX strategy, superior IP and OFDMA know-how, and ability to deploy end-to-end turnkey WiMAX projects, Alvarion is shaping the new wireless broadband experience.
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