Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NTIA-RUS Application Guide for Broadband Stimulus Program Now Online via

(Editor's Note of 07/09/09: The single Application Guide document posted on Tuesday, July 7, has now been augmented with the posting of a total Application Guideline package comprised of 6 documents, inclusive of the first posted Guideline. The first document was distributed at the federal broadband stimulus Workshop in National Harbor, Maryland on July 7. The full 6 document package was distributed yesterday, July 8, at the Workshop in Dedham, Massachusetts. See our story, with fully updated links to the new online document file: here.) 07/07/09
The 2 federal agencies
administering the $7.2 billion broadband stimulus program funded by the Recovery Act today released a 54 page application guide form for applicants under the program.

The document, formally titled "Broadband Infrastructure Application Submission to RUS (BIP) and NTIA (BTOP)," was handed out by the agencies at the first program workshop, held today in National Harbor, Maryland. The document has not been posted electronically at the joint agency site, as of the time of this posting.

Document Download, Go To: Broadband Stimulus Online Library
(see: File Navigation, below for folder location)

The document is referenced (line 37, page 2) in the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) document released last week, on July 1, jointly by the 2 agencies, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the Department of Commerce, and the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) of the Department of Agriculture.

"This is simply the most comprehensive grant application guideline I have ever seen in years of federal grant work," commented Ms. Liz Zucco of Canton, GA based grant management firm MarketSYS USA. "
The multiple choice check-off system is user friendly, and clearly worded, unlike many essay based formats of the past," concluded Ms. Zucco.

In view of the high interest in the broadband stimulus program, is making the 54 page application guideline document available for free download (registration required), via our the site of our corporate parent, PrattNetworks LLC.

Disclaimer:, and its corporate parent PrattNetworks LLC make no claim as to the accuracy of the referenced document, a copy of a federal publication in the public domain. We caution readers that this is a scanned copy of a hard copy document handed out today at the workshop in Maryland. It may have copy errors. It may not be the final document to be posted on the site. makes the document available as a courtesy to our readers only. We make no claim that this document should be used in the filing of an actual application. The NOFA makes clear that only the electronic document to be posted at can be used for formal application purposes.

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Document Download, Go To: Broadband Stimulus Online Library

Following a brief registration, you will be passed to a secure document library. The Application Guide is in File #1, entitled "Featured Documents and Reports". The document is named "Application Guidelines for RUS (BIP) and NTIA (BTOP)".
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