Monday, July 27, 2009

MarketSYS USA: NTIA and USDA Unserved and Underserved Reports Simplified

(PRWEB) via July 27, 2009 (Editor's Note: Ms. Liz Zucco, CEO of MarketSYS of Canton, GA is a frequent commentator and contributor to She has provided many of the key insights we have been credited with in our analysis and reporting since our launch on March 10. MarketSYS is a partner of our corporate parent, PrattNetworks LLC of Boston, MA.)

MarketSYS provides easy solution for applicants to get accurate, high-quality and proven reporting for NTIA and RUS Broadband Grant and Loan Applications.

Canton, GA -- Broadband Grant and Loan applications for NITA and USDA Funding require a new type of reporting called the "Unserved and Underserved Reports". These are causing operators and applicants heartburn as they try and figure out what is needed in order to complete millions of dollars of funding requests by the August 14 deadline.

These are some of the most difficult components to develop for Broadband Loan and Grant Applications under the new guidelines. MarketSYS USA has been developing Underserved reports for RUS funding since the broadband program began in early 2002.

"We are seeing a number of concerns about these reports from our clients," stated MarketSYS President, Liz Zucco. "We have increased our capacity to help companies and consultants handle these reporting requirements. I have personally developed these reports for millions of dollars in RUS funding for clients over the years and have trained a large staff to execute accurate reports quickly so that operators can finalize their funding requests without delay."

The reports that the BTOP and BIP Applications require are very specific. They have to be carefully developed with a specific methodology. MarketSYS has developed proven processes and methods to give operators and applicants accurate reports within just a few days of their request.

"Our services in this area ensure that the applicant gets accurate reporting for their grant, and we can get these reports out in time for Round One Proposals which have to be completed by August 14, 2009," stated Zucco.

Interested applicants can contact Ms. Zucco at 404-454-5477.

MarketSYS also provides much of their research that they have compiled for their grant clients on their main website by joining as a member at

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