Friday, May 1, 2009

Maine Broadband: ConnectME Authority Announces New Grant Round 05/01/09 Executive Director Phillip Lindley of the ConnectME Authority, the state broadband authority of the State of Maine, today announced the third grant round of the authority's funding program. ConnectME was established by Act of the Maine Legislature in June of 2007, in response to the focus on rural broadband issues placed by Governor John E. Baldacci for much of his tenure.

Quoting verbatim a message sent by ConnectME this afternoon, May 1, 2009, relays the following information:

"On behalf of the ConnectME Authority I am pleased to announce the third grant round of our funding program. We are looking for creative solutions for expanding affordable broadband service to the unserved areas of Maine. For this round, we are requesting smaller, more focused proposals than in previous grant rounds, with a suggested grant limit for each project of $100,000, funding no more than 50% of the total project, while recognizing that we can be flexible for exceptional proposals.

Attached is the announcement of the opening of this grant round that provides instructions for the pre-application letter due June 1, 2009. The letter is also posted to our website in PDF and MS Word."

The grant announcement message is signed by Mr. Lindley, with the following contact information:

Phillip Lindley
Executive Director
ConnectME Authority
138 State House Station
Augusta, ME 0433-0138
P: (207) 624-9970
C: (207) 441-0498

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